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Task Requirements for the ETS® Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL)

The PASL assessment is aligned with national and state specific school leader standards. See below for specific alignment to the standards.

The assessment contains three tasks requiring written commentary and submission of required documents called artifacts. A video of you facilitating a collaborative team during your internship experience is required as one of the components for Task 3.

You will complete tasks by entering and submitting a written response and uploading artifacts, via an online submission system. Within the online system, you can:

  • enter a written response to each task
  • link the required documents and artifacts to the written response
  • upload the required video
  • and edit, save, delete and change responses up until submission

Before beginning the assessment, review the:

  • PASL Candidate and Educator Handbook for information about the tasks, rubrics, writing guidelines, collecting artifacts, online submission system, how to attach artifacts and record video, and more.
  • PASL Overview for in-depth information about the assessment and a review of the three tasks.

During the course of your internship, you should collect multiple artifacts and videos that you could utilize should you need to resubmit a task(s).

Task 1: Problem Solving in the Field

In this task, you will demonstrate the ability to address and resolve a significant problem/challenge in your school that influences instructional practice and student learning. The task asks you to provide evidence in regard to your colleagues, the school and/or the community and to identify a problem/challenge that has implications for instructional practice and student learning.

Task 2: Supporting Continuous Professional Development

In this task, you will demonstrate your skills in establishing and supporting effective and continuous professional development with staff for the purpose of improved instruction and student learning.

Task 3: Creating a Collaborative Culture

In this task, you will demonstrate your ability to facilitate stakeholders' efforts to build a collaborative team within the school to improve instruction, student achievement and the school culture. A 15-minute video is required with this task.

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