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PPAT® Assessment

An effective measure of a teacher candidate's readiness for the classroom

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Alignment of PPAT Tasks with Praxis® Test Specifications


PPAT assessment Tasks 2, 3 and 4 require test takers to provide evidence of content knowledge, both in their teaching practices as well as in the assessment of student learning.

The prompts for each task draw upon a broad spectrum of content knowledge relevant to a test taker’s particular area, and the candidate’s responses are scored by trained raters who have expertise in the same content area.

While the assessment doesn’t cover the full breadth and depth of a content discipline, it does require that candidates demonstrate their ability to effectively teach this content, and also requires raters to evaluate whether the instructional delivery is accurate and effective.

Content areas aligned with Praxis subject tests

See how the relevance of content selected by candidates, in the completion of the PPAT assessment, may include categories of the Praxis® tests.