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PPAT® Assessment

Show that you're ready to begin teaching in a classroom and continue your professional growth

Select any step to learn more about your PPAT® assessment journey.


PPAT Assessment Resources and Test Prep

Handbooks and guides

Download the handbook and guides below for detailed information about the PPAT assessment and instructions on how to submit tasks.


PPAT® Assessment Candidate and Educator Handbook

Information about the tasks, rubrics, writing guidelines, how to include artifacts and record videos, scoring and more.

Download (PDF)

Submission System User Guide

Instructions on how to register, upload artifacts and videos, resubmit tasks and resolve technical issues.

Download (PDF)

PPAT® Task 1 Handbook 

Guides you, your EPP instructor and your cooperating teacher through the collaborative efforts to complete Task 1

Download (PDF)

Guidance for Completing the PPAT® Assessment in a Virtual or Hybrid Environment 

Recommendations for how to gather and submit artifacts for each task if you’re teaching a remote classroom or hybrid environment.

Download (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions About the PPAT® Assessment

View FAQs about the PPAT assessment

Download (PDF)


Ancillary and planning materials

The materials below are designed to help you, your EPP supervising instructor and your cooperating teacher work together to fulfill the requirements of the PPAT assessment. Use them throughout your teaching experience.


Professional Growth Plan 

Helps you identify specific learning goals and provide a structure for continuing professional growth. This plan is highly recommended and may be required as part of your activities of the assessment — check with your EPP.

Download (Word)

PPAT® Reflective Practice Handbook

Introduces you to the benefits and practice of regular professional reflection, and helps you complete a Professional Growth Plan.

Download (PDF)

Daily Reflection Form

Promotes daily self-reflection of your teaching practice to help improve your instruction and student learning.

Download (Word)

Lesson Plan Format

Helps you develop meaningful daily lessons to best meet student needs. You can use this format in conjunction with Tasks 2, 3 and 4, or use your own lesson plan format.

Download (Word)

PPAT® Assessment Glossary  

Glossary of terms used throughout the assessment.

Download (PDF)