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PPAT® Assessment

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Getting and Sending Your PPAT Scores

Getting your scores

PPAT score reports are available in your ETS account about 3 weeks after each task deadline for Tasks 2, 3 and 4. Scores are valid for 10 years, but only available in your ETS account for 2 years. We recommend that you download and save a copy of your report.

You won’t receive a score report for Task 1. Instead, you’ll receive feedback from educator preparation program (EPP) faculty and your cooperating teacher on your Task 1 response.

Score report dates

Scores will be posted to your ETS account at approximately 5 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time on the dates below.

Fall 2022

Report    Date
Task 2 & Task 3 Scores November 3, 2022
Task 4 & Overall Assessment Scores December 2, 2022
Resubmission Window 1 Scores January 19, 2023
Resubmission Window 2 Scores April 19, 2023


Spring 2023


Report Date
Task 2 & Task 3 Scores March 23, 2023
Task 4 & Overall Assessment Scores April 19, 2023
Resubmission Window 1 Scores June 1, 2023
Resubmission Window 2 Scores TBD

Getting scores for resubmissions

Score reports for resubmitted tasks will be available in your ETS account on the date indicated above. The task with the highest total task score, whether from your original submission or your resubmission, is reported on your final score report.

Final score reports after resubmission are made available online to the EPP and up to four additional score recipients that you selected at registration.

Sending your scores

Your PPAT score report, which includes Task 2, 3, 4 and your cumulative score for the assessment, is automatically sent to the educator preparation program and up to four additional score recipients that you selected at registration.

You can add or modify your score recipients via your ETS account until 10 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time the night before the Task 4 submission deadline.

State certification and automatic score reporting

During registration, you’ll select the state where you’re seeking certification. If you selected one of the states below, the state agency will automatically receive a copy of your scores. To send your scores to another state certification/licensing agency, select them as a score recipient during registration.

Scores are published to score recipients on the Tuesday or Friday afternoon after you receive your scores.

Certification State    State Agency
Delaware Delaware Department of Education
Iowa Iowa Board of Educational Examiners
Kansas Kansas State Department of Education
Maryland Maryland Department of Education
North Carolina North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Oklahoma Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA)
South Carolina South Carolina State Department of Education
South Dakota South Dakota Department of Education
Utah Utah State Board of Education