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PPAT® Assessment

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Resubmitting PPAT Tasks

After you receive your PPAT scores, there are two resubmission windows offered for your registration. If your assessment score falls below the passing score, you’re eligible to resubmit any or all three tasks (Tasks 2, 3 or 4 only) for a fee. You’re only allowed one resubmission per task during each resubmission window.


Decide which tasks to resubmit

To decide which tasks to resubmit, review the following:

Register for resubmission

For instructions on how to register for resubmission, view “Registration Resubmission” in the Submission System User Guide (PDF). See Dates and Deadlines to view the resubmission window.


How to resubmit tasks

View “Resubmission Tasks” in the User Guide for instructions on how to resubmit your tasks.


Permission forms for resubmitted tasks

During the resubmission window, you need to get permission forms for any new artifacts and video you plan to include with the tasks you’re resubmitting.


Resubmission scoring

The resubmission tasks are separate responses from what you originally submitted. When scoring your resubmitted tasks, raters don’t have access to your original submission.

Once your resubmitted tasks are scored, the task with the highest total task score, whether from the original submission or from the resubmission, becomes part of your final score for the assessment.