Getting Started with the ETS® Personal Potential Index (ETS® PPI)

It's easy to get started with ETS® Personal Potential Index (ETS® PPI) evaluations once you receive evaluation requests via emails from your students and others.

ETS PPI Steps at a Glance for Faculty and Other Evaluators

Step 1
The process begins when an applicant enters your name and email address into the ETS PPI system and indicates that they would like you to provide an ETS PPI evaluation of their personal attributes. You will then receive an email from ETS requesting that you complete an ETS PPI evaluation for the individual.

Within the email, there are links that allow you to accept or decline the request to evaluate the individual. Click “ACCEPT” to accept the request to evaluate the individual. An email confirmation of your decision will be sent to the individual. Click “DECLINE” to decline the request.
Step 2
When you click "ACCEPT" in the email, you will link to the ETS PPI Evaluator log-in screen. If this is the first request you are accepting, you will be asked to create a "New User" account and sign in for the request to be accepted and associated with your account. If you are a returning user, you can log in to the ETS PPI system with the user name and password you created previously.
Step 3
Select the applicant from the list, answer questions about your relationship to them, respond to 24 statements (four for each dimension) about the applicant and provide an overall rating of the applicant. You also can add comments for each dimension as well as for the overall evaluation. Your comments are very important to the graduate and professional programs that will be reviewing the ETS PPI Evaluation Report. The evaluation should take you approximately 15 minutes.

If you need to save your work in order to return later to complete it, click "Save."

Note that the system will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. A session expiration warning message will flash on the top and bottom of the screen. To extend your session time, just click on the "Click Here" link on the message. If no action is taken, the session will close, a message will appear and you will need to sign in again. Your evaluation will be saved up to the point where the session ended.
Step 4
When you have completed your evaluation, click "Submit." The applicant will be notified via email that your evaluation has been submitted.
Step 5
Click "Back to My Evaluation Requests" to view the status of all of your evaluations.


Anyone applying to graduate, business or professional school will be able to use the ETS PPI system and submit ETS PPI Evaluation Reports. You play a key role in helping applicants complete this important piece of the application process.

To learn more about how it works, view the ETS PPI Product Tour (Flash). If you have questions, contact ETS today.

Learn more about getting started with ETS PPI.

System Requirements

To use the ETS PPI service, you will need Internet access and an email account. The ETS PPI system supports the latest production versions of Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 8 or 9, Firefox® 21, and Safari® 5.1 browsers. If you access the ETS PPI website without meeting these requirements, some functions may not perform optimally or may be disabled.

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