Evaluating Applicants

Receiving an Evaluation Request

You will receive an email from ETS asking you to complete an ETS® Personal Potential Index (ETS® PPI) evaluation for an applicant as part of his or her application to graduate, business or professional school.

You can elect to accept or decline the request.

When you accept your first evaluation request, you will be asked to create an account. Once you have created an account, you can sign in to your account to confirm your acceptance of subsequent evaluation requests.

Signing in to Accept ETS PPI Evaluation Requests and Creating Your ETS PPI Evaluator Account

To create a new account for your first evaluation, access the link received in your email request.

You can only evaluate applicants who have requested an ETS PPI evaluation from you.

The applicant will receive an email confirmation from ETS indicating whether you have accepted or declined the request.

Evaluating the Applicant

You will be asked to respond to a series of 24 statements (four for each of the six dimensions) using a five-point scale that ranges from "Below Average" to "Truly Exceptional." You will also be able to provide an overall evaluation and make comments about each of the six dimensions.

The applicant will receive an email from ETS when you have submitted your completed evaluation. Note that the applicant cannot view your evaluation within the ETS PPI system.

All information entered into the evaluation must be entered in English. However, ETS does have translations for the ETS PPI statements in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish-language to help evaluators who do not speak English to better understand the statements on which they must rate the applicant. ETS plans to translate the ETS PPI statements into other languages as needed.

The ETS PPI Evaluation Report

After you and the other evaluators who are assessing the applicant have submitted your evaluations, the applicant logs in to the ETS PPI system and designates institutions to receive ETS PPI Evaluation Reports and the evaluations that are to be included in each report.

Completed evaluations may be included in any applicant's ETS PPI Evaluation Report until the ETS PPI is discontinued on July 1, 2016.

When the applicant orders an ETS PPI Evaluation Report, ETS creates the ETS PPI Evaluation Report and sends it to the institution the applicant has designated.

Managing Evaluation Requests

Once you have created an ETS PPI evaluator account, you can return to the ETS PPI system to:

  • view evaluation requests
  • view completed evaluations
  • update personal information
  • evaluate applicants

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Log in to your ETS PPI account to manage evaluations.