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The Praxis® Tests

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Alabama Other Certification Approaches

General testing information for all applicants may be found in the Overview of Alabama Testing Requirements.

Visit the Alabama Other Approaches page on the Alabama State Department of Education website for information regarding these certification approaches.

Choose a certification approach from the list below to obtain additional information and to determine the required Praxis assessments.

School Psychologist licensure or CACREP-accredited School Counseling Program approaches

Licensure Approach

For certification as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.

CACREP Accredited School Counseling Program Approach

For certification in school counseling those who have completed a master's degree level CACREP-accredited school counseling program.

Other certification approaches

Additional Teaching Field/Certification Based on Test (CBT) Approach

For certification in a teaching field and additional certification in certain teaching fields.

Foreign Credentials

Certification for those who have completed an educator preparation program in a teaching field in another country.

Career and Technical Certificate to Professional Educator Certificate

For certification in health science or a technical education program area. Must have a valid Career and Technical Certificate in these areas.

Early Childhood Development Approach

For an Early Childhood Development Certificate, for birth through age 4, for those who have completed at least a bachelor’s level NAEYC accredited program in child development.

No Praxis Subject Assessment Requirements

Approaches that don’t require Praxis Subject Assessments (content tests).

Alabama Department of Education