Early Childhood Development Approach

General testing information for all applicants may be found in the Overview of Alabama Testing Requirements.

Visit the Alabama Alternative Certificates page on the Alabama State Department of Education website for information regarding this certification approach.

Individuals applying for the issuance of the Early Childhood Development Certificate based on the completion of at least a bachelor's degree program accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC®) in child development for birth through age four must successfully complete the current Alabama Educator Certification Assessment Program (AECAP) requirements as indicated in the charts below:

  • Pass the required Praxis Subject Assessments (content tests) as indicated in the charts below.
  • Pass the required Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA). Information pertaining to specific Alabama required handbooks and scores can be found in the Educator Assessment Policies Manual A and Manual B on the Alabama Teacher Certification page at the Alabama State Department of Education website

To convert the Early Childhood Development Certificate to the Professional Educator Certificate, contact the Educator Certification Section for information regarding additional certification requirements.

Individuals who choose to test before receiving a letter of eligibility from the Educator Certification Section of the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) do so at their own risk.

Find your certification area below to determine which test(s) you need to take. For test prep materials, click the test title. Once you know which tests you should take, schedule your test.

Unless it’s specifically stated that a calculator is permitted or required for a particular test, you can’t use a calculator on any Praxis tests (see Calculator Use).


Test required for specific certification area

To Be Certified in You Need to Take Test Code Qualifying Score
Pre-Kindergarten Education (Birth through Age 4) Pre-Kindergarten Education 5531 155

This page is a supplement to The Praxis® Tests Information Bulletin (PDF).

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