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About the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview

The Praxis® program has made arrangements for the following candidates to take the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) delivered and evaluated by ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services of Gallaudet University:

  • candidates who plan to teach American Sign Language (ASL) as a language other than English
  • candidates who plan to teach students who are deaf or hard of hearing

The ASLPI is a holistic language evaluation used to determine global ASL proficiency. The basic precept in this type of evaluation is to find out through an interview what an individual can do with the target language at a given point in time.

The ASLPI is a 20–25-minute video-recorded interactive dialogue between the examinee and the interviewer. The interview is rated by a team of evaluators, and examinees are awarded an overall proficiency level on a 0–5 rating scale. The interview is conducted face to face at Gallaudet in Washington, D.C., and via videophone from other locations.

ASLPI Preparation

ASLPI preparation information is available through the ASLPI website. Please visit the links below to access information to help you prepare for the interview.

Results Reports

The test-taking volume fluctuates throughout the year. At peak testing times, it can take up to six weeks to receive the ASLPI results report. Results for the ASLPI can be viewed through your My Praxis account. Please allow for sufficient scheduling time if you need your results reported more quickly. To check on current testing volume, you may contact our partners at Gallaudet.

How to Register

Please complete the Registration Form. Important: Do not include your Social Security number or credit card information on the Registration Form. After your request has been processed, you will receive an email with test fee payment instructions.

The information you will need to complete the registration process is listed below.

Test Date As scheduled with Gallaudet
Registration Please send in your registration form four weeks before the date you would like to test
Test Fee $146
Proctor Fee A nonrefundable $20 proctor compensation provided directly to the proctor may apply for certain test sites. This will be determined before your scheduled test date.
Test Code 0634

Send your completed Registration Form to:


Important: You must attach the completed the Registration Form when emailing.


(609) 683-2040 – Attn: Denee Greene