Praxis® Services and Tools

ETS offers a variety of services and tools to help administrators, faculty and state departments of education.

Institutional Summary Report >

This report provides data and comparative information about test takers associated with your institution to help you assess the effectiveness of your curriculum and test preparation.

Title II Reporting Services >

These reports help institutions and states demonstrate compliance with the Higher Education Act (HEA) Title II reporting requirements.

ETS® Data Manager for The Praxis Series® Tests >

The ETS® Data Manager for The Praxis Series® tests is a collection of services related to Praxis® score reporting and analysis. These services are designed to allow state agencies, national organizations and institutions to receive and/or analyze Praxis test results. Offered services include Quick and Custom Analytical Reports, Test-taker Score Reports and Test-taker Score Reports via Web Service.

ETS® Client Services for Educator Licensure >

ETS® Client Services offers access to data, reports and tools through online applications such as Title II Reporting Services and the ETS Data Manager for The Praxis Series tests.

Data Requests >

Researchers, educators and policymakers can request research data from ETS to inform educational policies and curriculum planning and for use in student dissertations.

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