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Praxis® Services and Tools

ETS offers a variety of services and tools to help administrators, faculty and state departments of education.

ETS® Client Services for Educator Licensure

Title II Reporting Services and the ETS® Data Manager for Praxis® are available through ETS® Client Services for Educator Licensure. ETS Client Services offers access to data, reports and tools through online applications.

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To learn more about these services, follow the links below.

Title II Reporting Services

These reports help institutions and states demonstrate compliance with the Higher Education Act (HEA) Title II reporting requirements.

ETS Data Manager for the Praxis Tests

The ETS Data Manager for the Praxis tests is a collection of services related to Praxis score reporting and analysis. These services are designed to allow state agencies, national organizations and institutions to receive and/or analyze Praxis test results. Offered services include Quick and Custom Analytical Reports, Test-taker Score Reports, Roster of Attending Students and Test-taker Score Reports via Web Service.

Data Requests

Researchers, educators and policymakers can request research data from ETS to inform educational policies and curriculum planning and for use in student dissertations.

Curriculum Crosswalks

Curriculum Crosswalks help institutions confirm that the courses offered in their programs cover the necessary content from required licensure/certification Praxis tests.

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