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Louisiana Alternate Route Program

Louisiana Department of Education

There are three alternate routes leading to educator certification in Louisiana, including:

  • practitioner teacher program
  • master's degree program
  • certification-only program

For more information about Louisiana's alternate route programs, visit Teach Louisiana's Alternate Teacher Preparation page.

Alternate Certification

Candidates pursuing alternate routes for licensure must satisfy the same testing requirements as candidates in the traditional program.

All candidates entering an alternate route early childhood PK–3, elementary 1–5, or special education certification program must demonstrate proficiency in the State Board's Reading Competencies through either the required reading course credit hours or by passing the Praxis® Teaching Reading: K–12 exam (5206).

  • If you test in Louisiana at a testing center or using the Praxis at home solution, and your Praxis profile address is in Louisiana, your score report will be sent automatically to the Louisiana Department of Education.
  • If you test outside Louisiana or your Praxis profile address is not in Louisiana, your scores are NOT automatically sent to the Louisiana Department of Education. To have your scores sent to the Louisiana Department of Education, you must select the Louisiana Department of Education (state code 7330) as a score recipient when you register.
  • For all methods of Praxis testing, to request additional score reports you must select the Louisiana Department of Education (state code 7330) with each additional score report request.
To Be Certified in You Need to Take Test Code Qualifying Score
Early Childhood PK–3 Teaching Reading: K–12 5206 *
Elementary Education 1–5 Teaching Reading: K–12 5206 *
Special Education (All Areas) Teaching Reading: K–12 5206 *

This page is a supplement to The Praxis® Tests Information Bulletin.

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