Oregon Alternate Route

There are three types of alternate licenses in Oregon detailed below. For more information, visit the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission website or Teaching License Redesign.

Restricted Transitional License

  • Issued to individuals who are making a mid-life career change (e.g., attorneys wishing to become social studies teachers, engineers wishing to become mathematics or science teachers, registered nurses wishing to teach health).
  • Applicants must have a bachelor's degree and the sponsoring school district must provide a mentor.
  • Valid for 3 years but is NOT renewable.

Limited License

  • For those who have special expertise for which there is no endorsement (e.g., a school may wish to have an ROTC program; another school may wish to provide a dance program).
  • Applicants must have at least an associate's degree (community college) and the sponsoring school district must provide a mentor.
  • Valid for 3 years, is limited to use in the applying district, and is renewable.

3-Year Professional Technical License

  • Provides a way for people from industry to teach in an Oregon Department of Education-approved professional/technical program. These individuals may have recent work experience in electronics, construction, health occupations, accounting, childcare or various other approved areas.
  • Applicants for the 3-Year Professional Technical License must pass an examination by an Instructor Appraisal Committee and have experience as a technician, journeyman or in management.
  • Valid for 3 years and is NOT renewable. The 5-Year Professional/Technical License is available upon completion of additional program requirements.
Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission