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Praxis® Learning Paths Program Demo



Video duration: 2:11

[MUSIC PLAYING] PRAXIS® Learning Paths program is an online interactive course that helps teacher candidates strengthen their skills in the areas assessed by the PRAXIS tests. This course can be taken at your own pace, in your own setting, at your convenience.

The Elementary Mathematics course includes 17 units of study and over 65 lessons. You can also enhance your learning with one-on-one coaching with a math content expert. To get started, complete the presurveys to help us learn more about your goals and experiences with math. Then take the Number and Operations Diagnostic. This will help build your personalized learning map, so you can focus on areas where you need the most support.

What you should do next will guide you to the next appropriate unit and lesson. Lessons feature learning material and definitions to refresh your memory, interactive activities, videos, graphics, and flashcards, hundreds of authentic practice questions with immediate feedback and explanations, and a skill check. Timed unit tests and a full-length practice test will help you prepare for test day.

As you progress, your dashboard will show the activities you completed and your proficiency level. And your learning map will adapt to meet your needs. You will also see Stellar, a Virtual Agent, provide reminders and encouragement. You will also earn achievement badges to recognize your effort.

You can also schedule a remote, one-on-one coaching session with a live math expert for personalized, targeted instruction. You can purchase the course for 180 days of access, or you could try the free sampler to experience the program before you buy.

Powered by ETS in conjunction with university instructors, a leader in student and educator learning and training, this course will support teacher candidates at all levels. Happy learning, and thanks for using the PRAXIS Learning Paths program.