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Overview of Rhode Island Testing Requirements

How to Qualify for Certification

For initial certification in Rhode Island, all candidates must:

Please refer to the Educator Certification Procedures for comprehensive certification requirements in Rhode Island according to certificate type.

Who Must Take the Tests?

Except for Career and Technical Education applicants, individuals applying for a teacher certificate in Rhode Island must pass the Praxis tests. Locate the appropriate Praxis® Subject Assessments for each area of certification you seek. Test results must accompany your application.

Out-of-State Applicants

Out-of-state applicants must document preparation or experience through an interstate certification compact.

Graduates of approved educator preparation programs from another member state who have graduated within the past five years must submit a copy of their current, valid certificate and a prior service statement. Graduates of these approved programs must also meet Rhode Island certification test requirements to attain initial certification in Rhode Island.

Currently certified educators from other states may also seek Rhode Island certification through reciprocity. The reciprocity process provides certification in Rhode Island to applicants who hold a valid and comparable certificate from another member state of the interstate compact. Applicants must also meet specific degree requirements for certification and must meet Rhode Island certification test requirements for initial certification.

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