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Praxis® Scores Overview

Score reporting for the Praxis® tests at home differs from score reporting for tests taken at a test center. To see when you can expect your scores for a Praxis at home test, visit the at home website.

Viewing Your Unofficial Scores at the Test Center

Some, but not all, Praxis® tests offer you an opportunity to view unofficial scores at the end of your testing session. If an unofficial score is not provided for your test, it means that further analysis must be conducted before scoring can be completed. This does not indicate a problem with the administration of your test and will not result in a delay in reporting your official score. Test centers cannot provide printed copies of score reports.

At the end of the test session, but before reviewing the unofficial score information, the computer gives you the option to report or cancel your score. Once you have chosen to report the score, it cannot be canceled. If you cancel your score, it will not be reported and it cannot be reinstated on your record. You also will not receive a refund if you choose to cancel your score.

Getting Your Official Scores

Scores for the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core): Reading (5713) and Mathematics (5733) tests are available within 21 calendar days after the day of the test.

Scores for the 5723 Core: Writing test are available within 20 business days after the day of the test.

  • Score reports for SR tests that are given continuously are available 7 calendar days after the day of the test.
  • Score reports for CR tests that are given continuously are available 21 calendar days after the day of the test.

For more information on score reporting dates and accessing scores, see Getting Your Praxis Scores.

Sending Your Scores

During registration, you may identify up to four institutions or licensing agencies to receive your Praxis scores for free. You may also order additional score reports after the test for a nominal service fee. Learn more about ordering score reports.

If you test in one of the following states, a copy of your scores will automatically be sent to that state’s teacher credentialing agency:

Alabama Kentucky Oregon
Alaska Louisiana Pennsylvania
Arkansas Maryland Rhode Island
California Mississippi South Carolina
Colorado Missouri South Dakota
Connecticut Montana Tennessee
Delaware Nebraska Utah
District of Columbia Nevada Vermont
Georgia New Hampshire Virginia
Hawaii New Jersey Washington
Idaho North Carolina West Virginia
Indiana North Dakota Wyoming
Iowa Ohio  
Kansas Oklahoma  

Understanding Your Scores

You received your score report. What does it all mean? For more detailed information, read Understanding Your Scores.

Scoring Services

If you feel that you didn't perform up to your potential on a test or that your scores may have been reported incorrectly, there are steps that you can take. Learn more about available Scoring Services.

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