Praxis® Scores Overview

How to Get Your Scores

For tests that are offered continuously, scores will be available online 10-16 business days after your test date. For tests that are offered during testing windows, scores will be available online 10-16 business days after the testing window closes, regardless of the specific date on which you tested within that window. For more information on score reporting dates and accessing scores, see Getting Your Praxis® Scores

How to Send Your Scores

During registration, you may identify up to four institutions or licensing agencies to receive your Praxis scores for free. You may also order additional score reports after the test for a nominal service fee. Learn more about ordering score reports

Understanding Your Scores

You received your score report. What does it all mean? For more detailed information, read Understanding Your Scores.

Scoring Services

If you feel that you didn't perform up to your potential on a test or that your scores may have been reported incorrectly, there are steps that you can take. Learn more about available Scoring Services.

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