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Vermont Frequently Asked Questions

Who is exempt from taking Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) and Praxis® Subject Assessments?
  • candidates who qualify for a Level II license and who have at least three years employment experience within the past seven years as a licensed educator in the endorsement area being sought
  • candidates who otherwise qualify for licensure or endorsement and who have achieved National Board Certification in the comparable endorsement area
I have a Vermont license in Elementary Education and will be completing my degree in Special Education shortly. Do I need to take any Praxis tests?

No. Anyone who already has a Vermont license does not need to take the Core tests. The Praxis test is not required for a special education endorsement.

I took the Praxis tests a few years ago in a different state. Can I use those scores or do I have to take the test again?

If candidates complete tests that have the same title and codes as the tests Vermont has adopted and the scores meet or exceed Vermont's passing scores, these scores can be used. Candidates should contact ETS and request that an official score report be sent to the Vermont Agency of Education using recipient code "8410."

But I didn't know about this and missed the test date. I have a job offer and need a license. What can I do?

Speak to your superintendent about obtaining an Emergency, Provisional or Apprenticeship license. Each has different requirements. Your superintendent must initiate the process then the Licensing Office will contact you at your home address.

I want to apply for a license in Career and Technical Education. Do I need to take a Praxis test?

Yes. All candidates applying for initial Vermont licensure must meet Vermont's passing scores on the Core tests unless they fall under one of the exemption categories described previously or have qualifying SAT®, GRE® or ACT® scores.

I want to apply for initial Vermont licensure as an administrator or support professional (e.g., school nurse, guidance counselor). Do I need to take a test?

Yes. All educators seeking initial Vermont licensure must meet passing scores on the Core tests unless they fall under one of the exemption categories described previously or have qualifying SAT, GRE or ACT scores.

Will there be other endorsement areas that will require a Praxis Subject Assessments test?

Subject assessments for other endorsement areas may be adopted in the future.

Can scores be used from other tests (e.g., CBEST, NTE®, NYSTCE™, MTEL®) in lieu of Core tests?

No. The Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators has not adopted any of these tests as alternatives to Core tests.

How do Vermont’s testing requirements apply to Peer Review candidates?

Peer Review candidates must meet all licensure testing requirements that are in effect when the Licensing Office receives the candidate's application for a license. Please note that Peer Review candidates can only apply for a license after the panel has recommended the candidate for licensure and the candidate has received written confirmation of such from the Licensing Office.

I previously held a Vermont educator license and wish to reinstate it. Do I have to meet the testing requirements?

No. Vermont’s testing requirements do not need to be met for reinstatement of a previously held educator license.

I am applying for the science endorsement limited to a specific science subject (i.e., biology, chemistry, physics or earth science). Do I need to take a Praxis General Science Subject Assessment test?

No. Applicants would be required to meet Vermont’s passing score on the applicable Praxis subject-specific test only.

If I passed a Praxis content knowledge test (English, math, science or social studies), do I also need to pass a middle grades Praxis test in the same content area to obtain a middle grades endorsement?

No. A Praxis passing score in a secondary content area will meet the testing requirements for the middle grades endorsement in that same content area.