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Complete Your View of Learner Strengths

Gain insights about critical skills efficiently with the ETS® Personal Skills and Qualities (PSQ) tool.

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Personal Skills and Qualities (PSQ) Assessment

A scalable, objective view of essential skills

The PSQ tool is a groundbreaking indicator of the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills essential to higher education and career success, such as perseverance, leadership, creativity, curiosity, responsibility and self-discipline.

  • insights to better understand current and prospective students’ strengths
  • supports your student success, diversity and holistic admissions efforts
  • scalable and easy to manage within existing systems
  • proven methodology through 15 years of research
  • reporting on the skills important to your program
  • fair for all, including underrepresented and marginalized groups

About the PSQ Tool

Perspectives from innovators

Here's what institutions using the PSQ tool — either operationally or as part of a pilot program — have to say.

Read Pilot Results

  "[The PSQ tool] adds incremental predictability beyond current measures. By adding an instrument that doesn't rely on subjective interpretation like essays and interviews do, our hope is to reduce bias in the admissions process."

Bruce DelMonico
Assistant Dean of Admissions
Yale School of Management

  "Measurement of abilities such as persistence, self-efficacy and engagement have proven most effective in predicting success in college and beyond offering the potential for continued enhancement during the college experience."

Carrol S. Perrino
Professor Emeritus, Psychology Department, and
Founding Director of the Center for Predictive Analytics
Morgan State University

  "We are excited to partner with ETS in yet another innovative venture to identify ways of assessing law school candidates for the skills that will allow them to succeed in law school and their legal careers."

Jane Aiken
Wake Forest School of Law

Supported by world-class research

A substantial body of research supports the validity, reliability and fairness of the PSQ tool.

Research PSQ Research

Learn how to emphasize skills your program values most

Contact an ETS specialist to see how the PSQ tool can provide insights about the skills most valuable to your program and field.

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