Puerto Rico

The Region 3 Comprehensive Center at ETS (R3CC) will collaborate with the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE) on projects to build the capacity of the State Education Agency (SEA). The R3CC will support the PRDE staff in order to develop, implement and monitor initiatives in the areas of professional development and school improvement.

Professional Development

R3CC will collaborate with PRDE and the Institute of Professional Development (IDP) and University Relations to support the centralization of IDP and the streamlining of professional development delivery and monitoring systems. This is an effort to establish teacher and leader pipelines and fulfill critical shortage areas through alternative licensure pathways.

Federal Program Assistance

R3CC will assist PRDE to implement plans for American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) funding so that the funds will be invested wisely for the present and future needs of students across the territory. To do this effectively, R3CC will partner with the U.S. Department of Education's Puerto Rico Education Sustainability (PRES) Team to build the organizational capacity of PRDE.

Family and Community Engagement

R3CC will partner with PRDE, the Regional Education Lab Northeast Islands (REL-NEI), and community partners to support the efficient implementation, evaluation and sustainability of evidence-based practices. This will improve community-school relations, family and community involvement, and student achievement, performance and well-being.