U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)

The Region 3 Comprehensive Center (R3CC) provides guidance, resources and support to the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education (VIDE), as it increases its capacity to support the efforts of districts and schools to improve educational opportunities for all children. In Year 4, R3CC's efforts will focus on curriculum and instruction, which will include an early learning project with the Regional Educational Laboratory – Northeast and Islands (REL-NEI), as well as assisting the VIDE with their Consolidated Grant Application (CGA).

Curriculum and Instruction

An enhancement to the existing K–12 curriculum and VIDE support system is required to reinforce and sustain the foundation laid by the Pre-K initiative, so that 4-year-olds can smoothly transition to kindergarten and beyond. Additionally, the VIDE leadership has identified the need to expand the micro-site (#GoOpenUSVI) to house the enhanced Pre-K–12 curriculum and supports. R3CC will provide technical assistance to the VIDE to facilitate Collaborative Design Team activities and meetings. In addition, R3CC will partner with the VIDE to build the capacity of state and district leadership through the creation and implementation of the Curriculum and Open Educational Resources Council to address Pre-K–12 curriculum and instruction initiatives in the USVI.

Consolidated Grant Application (CGA)

Since the USVI is considered an Insular Area, it receives its education funding differently from mainland states. It receives its federal education funding through a Consolidated Grant Application (CGA), which is updated annually. The R3CC stands ready to assist the VIDE with any support necessary to submit the CGA, so that it is funded in a timely manner. This assistance could be in the form of helping to review drafts of the CGA and providing support for conducting a comprehensive needs assessment and identifying evidence-based practices.