ETS Raters and Scoring Professionals

Welcome ETS Raters, Advanced Placement® (AP®) Program Readers, Scoring Leaders and other ETS Constructed-response Scoring Professionals. Sign into the appropriate system below. Use your ETS account username and password for each.


Availability & Schedules

Access system(s) to:

  • submit and manage your availability
  • view your certification schedules
  • view your scoring schedules

Profile & Payroll

  • update personal and contact information
  • view paychecks and retrieve W2 tax form
  • enroll in direct deposit
  • view paid sick leave balance

Online Scoring

  • Access your scheduled online scoring or certification session.
  • Online Network for Evaluation (ONE) access for training, certification, and scoring sessions is restricted to your confirmed dates/times (all listed in  U.S. Eastern Time).
  • Check your schedule in the RM Availability & Schedules system prior to logging in.
  • View paid sick leave summaries.

Access to the above systems is for approved ETS Raters only. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.

Help signing in

  • For first-time users: Remember to type the last four digits of your Social Security number before the temporary password that was assigned to you.
  • For returning users: If you’re having trouble signing in, try clicking the “Forgot Username:” or “Forgot Password” links to retrieve your username or reset your password.
  • For those scoring or certifying online: Check your schedule in the Availability & Schedules system as you will only be able to access the ONE system during your confirmed dates/times.


Contact 1-855-U-ASK-ETS (1-855-827-5387).

Please note that the supported internet browsers for this system are:

  • For PC users — Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Mozilla® Firefox or Google Chrome™
  • For Mac® users — Apple Safari®

Contact 1-877-728-4201.

Please note that the supported internet browsers for these systems are:

  • Chrome® (Windows, macOS, Chrome OS)
  • Firefox® (Windows, macOS)

If you have questions regarding your scoring or certification availability and/or schedules, please contact your scoring program.

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