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Returning to School After COVID-19

The classroom will look different, and learning will need to be flexible. ETS Researchers discuss the information that is essential to understanding what students know now, what they need to learn, and how to bridge that gap to be successful.

School District Diversity Associated with Reductions in the Achievement Gap

Data shows the gap in academic performance between different racial groups persists. This article provides data that suggests we could help reduce the achievement gap by increasing racial diversity among students.

Change Begins with Education and Requires Action

We stand firmly against racism and prejudice, and we know that education must be a central part of the solution to eradicate both. We're committed to providing policymakers and educators the resources to inform change. We believe change begins with education and requires action.

Top Stories

Embracing Culture and Background When Teaching Young English Language Learners

To help teachers better meet the needs of an increasingly diverse classroom and young English language learners, ETS Research scientists offer several strategies that can be used to effectively teach these students both in person and online.

Skills and Earnings in the Part-Time Labor Market

The third report in the Impact of Human Capital in the American Labor Market Series, finds that, on average, there is a substantial payoff in hourly wages for part-time workers with stronger literacy and numeracy skills. Read the report: Skills and Earnings in the Part-Time Labor Market.

Advancing Human Assessment

This book features comprehensive reviews of ETS's research in technical, substantive and policy areas, examining 70 years of ETS's focus on — and achievement in — advancing educational measurement. Download the eBook Advancing Human Assessment for free or purchase a physical copy.

Research that matters

Through our research, ETS works to improve teaching and learning, ensure opportunity for individual learners, and inform education policy and assessment.

Big Educational Challenges

Improving teaching and learning

ETS is working on innovations today that can enhance teaching and learning in classrooms tomorrow.

Expanding opportunity for individual learners

ETS strives to ensure its assessments and tools are valid, fair and accessible to every learner.

Informing education policy and assessment

Our research and policy studies strive to address many of today's pressing issues in educational assessment.

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