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Policy & Practice: Keeping Standards High for Underserved Students

Supporting college-ready academic standards is key to narrowing achievement gaps between underserved students and their peers. Two groups at ETS understand this and are building relationships with educators, schools, policymakers, communities and advocates to help maintain standards and ensure more equitable opportunities for these students.

AI Will Serve Teachers, Not Make Them Obsolete

What is the future of AI in the classroom? ETS's Andreas Oranje predicts that AI will be liberating for teachers, allowing them to offer their students increasingly personalized learning experiences. In addition, he shares his vision of how AI will change ETS and the role of assessment as we know it, leading to more optimal learning opportunities.

Cross-Cultural Competence in Today’s Diverse Classrooms

As classrooms become increasingly diverse, what can today's teachers do to facilitate learning in cross-cultural contexts? This article discusses 3C, a multifaceted construct comprising knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that can be developed through training and experience. It looks at the need to make such skills widespread among teachers nationwide.

Top Stories

Measuring What Students Learn in College

Economic and technological developments are changing the skills and competencies society expects from college graduates. ETS's Lydia Liu discusses the value of student learning outcomes in higher education worldwide, and what these assessments should measure.

A Look at Literacy Education in the 21st Century

A new report published by the ETS Center for Research on Human Capital and Education reveals key findings resulting from a five-year research initiative — Reading for Understanding. The report makes recommendations for improving reading proficiency among all students.

New Book Explores the 70-year History of Research at ETS

Advancing Human Assessment features comprehensive reviews of ETS's research in technical, substantive and policy areas and explores our organization's focus on, and achievements in, advancing educational measurement. Download the eBook Advancing Human Assessment for free or purchase Advancing Human Assessment in hardcover.

Research that matters

Through our research, ETS works to improve teaching and learning, ensure opportunity for individual learners, and inform education policy and assessment.

Big Educational Challenges

Improving teaching and learning

ETS is working on innovations today that can enhance teaching and learning in classrooms tomorrow.

Expanding opportunity for individual learners

ETS strives to ensure its assessments and tools are valid, fair and accessible to every learner.

Informing education policy and assessment

Our research and policy studies strive to address many of today’s pressing issues in educational assessment.

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