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Quality assessments, groundbreaking research and measurement, and user-driven educational solutions

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ETS® AI Labs™


The ETS® AI Labs™ support all learners and educators by developing research-based, AI-powered solutions that enable personalized learning paths. These solutions contribute to a defined goal with ongoing assessment of progress, immediate feedback and recommendations to help meet their goals efficiently and effectively.

Teams in the labs carry out this mission by:

  • cultivating deep empathy for our users
  • understanding user experiences and needs
  • engaging with users to co-design effective solutions grounded in foundational cognitive and learning science principles and research
  • conducting rapid, interactive testing to develop prototype solution

Critical Insights

The work in the ETS AI Labs is driven by user needs. The labs design our visions around a set of critical insights.


Four primary areas make up the labs including, AI Technologies, AI Research and Data Science, Learning Science and Design, and Capability Development. Fully dedicated, cross-functional teams are developed from across these areas and each team is focused on a single vision.

AI Technologies

Innovating technologies to enable cutting-edge AI

AI Research and Data Science

Theoretical foundations and empirical evidence

Capability Development

Voice of the learner and project management

Learning Science and Design

Cognitive models and learning design principles