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Learning Science and Design

All our learning and assessment tools are grounded in the principles of how individuals learn most effectively, and how educators teach most impactfully.

The Learning Science and Design team in the labs aims to:

  • apply learning science and design principles, and user-centered research to prototypes and product concepts developed in the labs
  • engage with users of target market to conduct visioning activities, needs assessments, validation of problem statements and ongoing testing
  • develop assessment-for-learning models and support the application of these models to prototype development
  • conduct applied research on the intersection between best practice pedagogical principles and the practical needs of educators and learners; apply this research to the development of technology-enhanced solutions

Focus areas

The Learning Science and Design group has the following major focus areas:

  • developing and applying learning science foundations and learning science principles
  • engaging with users across various targets to understand their experiences and needs
  • defining and measuring essential constructs in teaching, learning and the workforce
  • co-designing frameworks for engaging users in all steps of the product development life cycle
  • determining how to most effectively implement user research findings into solution optimization