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Rui Gao

Rui Gao is a senior psychometrician in the Research & Development division at ETS. She currently is responsible for coordinating the psychometric and data analysis operation of the college programs, such as the HEIghten® outcomes assessment, the ETS® Major Field Tests, and the Employee Personality Profile, as well as contributing to the psychometric operation of the GRE® program. Her research interests include test security, test scaling and equating, reliability, and differential item functioning procedures. 

She joined ETS in 2003 and initially coordinated the California State University (CSU) and the CLEP® testing programs and established the CSU Early Assessment Program. She also served as a psychometrician for the AP® test, CLEP, and the TOEFL® test program. Prior to her employment at ETS, she worked as a research assistant and teaching assistant for the educational psychology program at University of Missouri, Columbia.

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