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Hongwen Guo

Hongwen Guo is a principal research scientist with the Foundational Psychometrics and Statistical Research group in the Research & Development division at ETS. She received a Ph.D. in statistics from Michigan State University in 2006.  

Guo had previously worked on large-scale testing programs such as the SAT® and PSAT® tests at ETS as a psychometrician for 6 years, leading program operation and research. Currently, as a research scientist, she focuses on statistical modeling of process data and statistical methods used in fairness in measurement. In 2019, she and her team were awarded the Bradley Hanson Award for contributions to educational measurement for their work on writing process modeling by the National Council on Measurement in Education. Her research interests also include scoring methods, test equating, test and item analysis, and she has been consulted by many operational testing programs on psychometric and statistical issues within and outside of ETS. Throughout her career, she also taught college-level courses in mathematics, statistics, and psychometrics. 

As a practitioner and then a researcher in the educational measurement field for 14 years, Guo has led 40 research projects at ETS; published nearly 70 journal articles, research memorandums, and statistical reports; and presented about 90 studies at various national and international conferences. Her first-authored articles appeared in Annals of Statistics, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Journal of Educational Data Mining, Journal of Educational Measurement, and Psychometrika. Currently, Guo serves as a section chair in Division D of the American Educational Research Association annual meeting from 2020 to 2021. She also serves on the editorial board of Journal of Educational Measurement and the translation committee of Chinese/English Journal of Educational Measurement and Evaluation

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