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Colleen Knorr

Colleen Knorr is a director of systems and capabilities II at ETS. She serves as the business owner for all technology systems and capabilities developed for the Psychometric Analysis and Research (PAR) area within the Research & Development division and is currently leading the PAR core effort as PAR staff develop a modernized, adaptable psychometric analysis platform to replace the internal GENASYS system and beyond. She is also responsible for the continued monitoring and enhancement of the existing systems and capabilities developed for PAR, including GENASYS and the area’s interactions with other ETS systems, IBIS, eSKM, and ONE; for leading efforts to implement and improve these systems; and for managing necessary resultant changes to processes and procedures. She also provides overall direction and leadership for quality and standardization efforts across all of the testing programs in the area. 

Knorr formerly served as the data analyst manager of the customized state teacher licensure programs (Texas Educator Certification, Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators, and Missouri Performance Assessments) as well as ETS’s National Observational Teacher Examinations and ProEthica® programs. She joined ETS in 2003 as a statistical assistant on the Praxis® program. She has a B.A. in psychology with a minor in statistics from the College of New Jersey. 

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