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Nathan Lederer

Nathan Lederer is a director of research technology in the Foundational Psychometric and Statistical Research center in the R&D division at ETS. As director, he leads a technology group that identifies, designs, develops, and delivers technologies to advance ETS’s research and development agenda and deploys future-state assessments, scoring systems, and related capabilities. This includes collaborating with the research leadership and principal investigators on how these technologies might contribute to goals in advanced task design and scoring systems. The group develops technology-enabled assessment prototypes and systems for internal research projects, externally funded Institute of Education Sciences and National Science Foundation grants, international assessments, as well as piloting enhancements for ETS products and prototype assessments for emerging products. He was also part of a team at ETS that was awarded a patent title for Generating Scores and Feedback for Writing Assessment and Instruction Using Electronic Process Logs. He developed the javascript library to capture and log keystrokes. 

Lederer received a B.S. (magna cum laude) in mathematics/computer science from Touro College in 1996. Since then, he has worked as a software developer and technical lead at various public companies (, in New York City. Upon joining ETS in 2011, he managed a team of software developers focused on data analysis and research technology.

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