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Christine Lyon

Christine Lyon is a lead research project manager in the K12 Teaching, Learning, and Assessment center at ETS. She graduated from James Madison University where she received a B.S. in psychology and an M.A. in psychological sciences. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education. 

Her current research interests include the use of formative assessment and assessment literacy as a mechanism for improving teaching and learning in K–12 classrooms. She is involved in multiple research and development projects designed to improve teaching and learning through the use of professional development and classroom observations focused on formative assessment and the broader concept of assessment literacy. In previous work at ETS, she was part of the development team for is the Keeping Learning on Track program, a professional development program that integrates formative assessment with teacher learning communities; the Council of Chief State School Officers–owned Formative Assessment Rubrics, Reflection and Observation Tools to Support Professional Reflection on Practice (FARROP); and the newly developed ETS assessment literacy course. Currently, Lyon is a coprincipal investigator on an Institute of Education Sciences–funded grant that is examining the measurement properties and technical quality of the FARROP, a formative assessment observation protocol intended to support teacher peer observation and feedback. Lyon is also currently involved in several projects examining teacher understanding and use of learning progression-based tasks and the evaluation of the efficacy of the ETS assessment literacy course, which provides professional development modules to support K-12 teachers’ assessment literacy. 

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