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Tenaha O’Reilly

Tenaha O’Reilly is a managing principal research scientist in the Research & Measurement Sciences area at ETS, where he leads the English Language Arts Learning and Assessment center. His research has focused on reading comprehension, foundational reading skills, background knowledge, metacognition, text cohesion, and assessment. He has led or coled more than $18 million of projects that leverage the research in the learning sciences to improve reading assessment for students and teachers and evaluating ways to improve students’ reading comprehension and learning. He was the coprincipal investigator of the assessment strand of the Reading for Understanding (RfU) Initiative grant, charged with creating the next generation of pre-K-12 assessments, from which the global, integrated, scenario-based assessments (GISA) and foundational reading skills battery ReadBasix were developed. He has contributed to several reading frameworks that have guided the development of innovative assessments of reading. These include three installments of the RfU assessment frameworks and ETS CBAL® frameworks on scenario-based assessment, and key literacy practices. His work is cited in the new PISA reading and Global competence frameworks and his work on background knowledge has received media attention. O’Reilly has coedited two books on the next generation of reading assessments and has published several policy papers in various areas of reading including a report on America’s reading crisis. One of his key contributions is the conceptualization and development of scenario-based assessments for measuring student literacy.

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