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Burcu Arslan

Burcu Arslan is a research scientist in the Research division at ETS Global BV. She has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence, an M.S. in cognitive science, and a B.S. in statistics.

Her areas of interest and expertise research focuses on marrying the fields artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and statistics to (a) characterize significant and cognitively meaningful behavior patterns in process data to better understand the target construct in educational assessment and learning environments and (b) enhance the use and design of technology-enhanced items and complex tasks to allow valid interpretations from the process data they produce.

Arslan has been serving as the principal investigator of several ETS allocation projects and has publications spanning from modeling process data for task design and for characterizing behaviors, to designing training studies to investigate the effect of different feedback types on learning and building computational cognitive models to simulate learners’ and human raters’ cognition and behavior. She serves as an academic editor for PLoS One and consulting editor for Journal of Memory and Cognition.

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