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Yi Song

Yi Song is a senior research scientist in the Learning and Assessment Foundations and Innovations center (LAFI) in the Research & Development division at ETS. She received her Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Delaware. She specializes in the field of argumentation, including argumentative writing, argumentation learning progressions, argumentation schemes analysis, and instructional strategies to facilitate the development of students’ argumentation skills. Since joining ETS in 2012, she has led various research projects, in which she collaborates closely with researchers, assessment development staff, and classroom teachers to validate argumentation learning progressions, to develop formative assessments aligned to the progressions, to support underserved populations (including U.S. English learners), and to create professional development materials. In addition, she has conducted text analysis based on argumentation theories to support automated scoring of written arguments. Song was a principal investigator on an IES-funded research project, Exploring and Assessing the Development of Students’ Argumentative Writing Skills, which explored new capabilities for using online collaborative environments to identify malleable factors that impact the development of middle school student’s argumentative writing skills. Song is leading several research projects at ETS, including critical thinking, text complexity, writing processes, and civics and science. She also has served as an internal auditor on TOEFL® and TOEIC® programs.

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