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Learning and Assessment Foundations and Innovations Center

The Learning and Assessment Foundations and Innovations Center is comprised of a team of cognitive scientists, data scientists, statisticians, psychometricians, Natural Language Processing specialists and literacy researchers who conduct foundational research to improve learning and assessment.


Research groups

The center is organized into three groups. Learn more about each one and view current projects and sample publications.

Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Provides expertise in the cognitive processes of perception, working memory, reasoning and more

Psychometric and Data Sciences Modeling

Innovates and applies methods from psychometrics, data science and artificial intelligence to big educational data

English Language Arts Learning and Assessment

Provides expertise in reading, writing, natural language processing, cognitive psychology and the learning sciences

Research goals

The knowledge and capabilities developed by center staff are designed to:

  • drive innovation to inform assessment development
  • design effective learning and assessment environments
  • provide opportunities for underserved learners

Research applications

Our research includes the development and evaluation of assessment innovations used in:

  • collaborative learning environments
  • innovative approaches to process data
  • research on metacognition and self-regulation
  • approaches to personalized learning
  • automated scoring
  • research on literacy development