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Innovative Assessment of Collaboration Conference 2014

ETS Research: Innovative Assessment of Collaboration Conference 2014

The rapidly growing literature on teamwork and collaborative problem-solving suggests that these skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s organizations. However, significant developments in the evaluation of these skills are occurring within different research communities, often independently of one another.

In November 2014, Educational Testing Service (ETS) hosted a two-day working meeting organized around five thematic panels that brought together researchers in organizational teaming, educational collaboration, tutoring, simulation, gaming, and statistical and psychometric process modeling. Practitioners and researchers who approach teamwork and collaborative problem-solving from different perspectives met at the Innovative Assessment of Collaboration 2014 in Arlington, Virginia, to share insights and contribute to the development of reliable and valid collaborative assessment.

To obtain detailed session information as well as biographies of the speakers and presenters, read the event program.

Below are videos and presentation slides from the event.

Day One

Welcome: Alina von Davier, ETS

Opening Remarks: Gerald Goodwin, U.S. Army Research Institute

Panel 1

Evaluation of Team Performance in Organizations

Moderator: Patrick Kyllonen, ETS

This panel discusses methods and findings for evaluating collective performance in organizational settings.


Watch the Welcome and Opening Remarks with Panel 1 video

Read the Welcome and Opening Remarks with Panel 1 accessible transcript

Panel 2

Evaluation of Students Working Together in Tutoring Environments, Games, and Simulations

Moderator: Alina von Davier, ETS

This panel focused on interactive learning environments, such as intelligent tutors, games and simulations.


Watch the Panel 2 video

Read the Panel 2 accessible transcript

Panel 3

Evaluation of Collaborative Problem Solving Performance in Educational Settings

Moderator: Art Graesser, University of Memphis

This panel discussed students working collaboratively in educational settings, such as problem-solving.


Watch the Panel 3 video

Read the Panel 3 accessible transcript

Day Two

Welcome: Alina von Davier, ETS

Panel 4

Statistical Models of Dependent Process Data

Moderator: Patrick Kyllonen, ETS

In this session, the presenters discussed several modeling approaches to dependent time series that represent the individuals’ actions during a collaborative problem-solving task or other form of team interaction. The presenters addressed the integration of the models for process data and outcome data.


Watch the Panel 4 video

Read the Panel 4 accessible transcript

Panel 5

Statistical Models for Collaboration and Group Dynamics

Moderator: Alina von Davier, ETS

This panel discussed advanced statistical models used in analyzing collaboration and group dynamics, such as social network models and Bayesian modeling.


Closing Remarks: Scott Paris, ETS
Summary: Patrick Kyllonen, ETS

Watch the Panel 5 and closing remarks and event summary video

Read the Panel 5 and closing remarks and event summary accessible transcript

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