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ETS Internship, Fellowship and Visiting Scholar Programs in Research

Collaborate with ETS researchers to carry out innovative and impactful R&D projects.

Learn more about available internships and how to apply.


Areas of Expertise

If you’d like to apply for an internship with ETS R&D, you should have expertise or an interest in at least one of the areas below. We also welcome applications from scholars around the world who wish to conduct independent research in a field of interest to ETS and to connect with ETS's community of researchers.

Assessment, measurement and psychometrics

  • assessment design
  • validity
  • fairness
  • psychometric modeling


  • higher education and workforce
  • undergraduate and graduate admissions
  • teacher education
  • language learning, teaching and assessment
  • K–12 learning, teaching and assessment

Educational technology

  • research engineering
  • back, front and full stack software development

Learning sciences and instructional design

  • the science of how individuals learn most effectively and impactful instructional design

Natural language processing

  • speech recognition and computational linguistics

Program monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

  • tracking and assessing implementation and outcomes of projects and programs


  •  cognitive, educational and industrial-organizational psychology

Qualitative research methods

  • instrument and data collection (e.g., interview, focus group, observations)
  • qualitative data analysis

Statistics and data science

  • machine learning
  • causal inference
  • computational statistics
  • hierarchical modeling

User experience

  • user experience research and/or design


  • upskilling and reskilling
  • career to workforce transition
  • skills training and skills-based hiring