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As part of the Policy Evaluation and Research Center, our Policy Information Center (PIC) conducts original research and integrates secondary data to inform the policy discussions on critical educational issues. Since 1987, we have served as an objective source for informing the policy debate on critical educational issues and improving practices.

We synthesize research findings from ETS and other resources into reports, policy perspectives and workbooks in nontechnical language. Policy Information Reports, workbooks and newsletters do not advocate particular policies. Policy Information Perspective series reports are authored by scientists and scholars and may include professional judgments.

Featured Reports and Publications

Advancing Success for Black Men in College
By D. Yaffe
Policy Notes, Volume 22, Number 1 (Spring 2015)

This issue of ETS Policy Notes provides highlights from a recent symposium sponsored by ETS and the Children Defense Fund (CDF), "Advancing Success for Black Men in College," held on June 23, 2014, in Washington, DC.

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