Developing High-Potential Youth Program: A Return On Investment Study for U.S. Programs

Millett, Catherine M.; Nettles, Michael
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The Goldman Sachs Foundation Developing High-Potential Youth Program college admissions underrepresented students socioeconomic status (SES) minorities selective colleges


For over a decade, The Goldman Sachs Foundation (GSF) had made investing in the development of high-potential youth a strategic priority. The main objective of the Developing High-Potential Youth (DHPY) program was to increase the number of traditionally underrepresented students who enroll at the top 185 colleges and universities in the United States. As GSF brings this program to a close, ETS has evaluated and profiled the return-on-investment of seven of the U.S.-based programs. The profiles are included in this report. While supplies last, print copies can be ordered from the Policy Information Center for $15.00.

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