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The Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in Education

The Gordon Commission

About the Gordon Commission

The Gordon Commission was a two-year study group composed of thought leaders, trailblazers and innovators in academia, research and policy. Their charge was to:

  • analyze the best assessment practices and our nation's educational needs
  • generate recommendations that would improve pedagogical practice, educational measurement and student achievement

The group was established by ETS and chaired by Edmund W. Gordon, professor emeritus at both Yale and Columbia universities. The study culminated in 2013 with a technical report and a public policy statement, which can be found below, along with two dozen other papers produced for the commission on various related topics.

Public Policy and Technical Reports

Papers Produced for the Gordon Commission (by category)

Assessment in Education: Changing Paradigms and Shifting Epistemologies

Changing Targets of Assessment in Education

Psychometric Change in Assessment Practice

Assessment in Education and the Challenges of Diversity, Equity and Excellence