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Kit of Factor-Referenced Cognitive Tests (1976 Edition)

The kit is a tool for studying reasoning, verbal ability, spatial ability, memory and other cognitive processes. It contains a manual and 72 tests that have been demonstrated to be consistent markers in studies of 23 cognitive factors. The kit tests are intended for research use only and should not used for selection, counseling or operational purposes.

Ordering Information

ETS doesn't stock bulk quantities of the kit or its tests. ETS makes electronic copies of the kit package available to qualified researchers and ETS, at its discretion, issues licensing agreements to reproduce the tests to help ensure their proper use.

To have the kit manual and tests sent to you as PDFs, contact us and let us know:

  • Your name
  • Academic advisor's name and title (if applicable)
  • Your academic institution's name
  • Phone number to reach you
  • A brief description of the proposed research

To receive the kit in hard copy form, researchers can purchase individual copies of the kit for $40 each. Use the order form below to place your orders.

  • Order form: This form contains information about the kit, an order blank for one copy of the kit, and a licensing agreement.
  • Questions: Contact us.

 Individual Copies of the Kit

Qualifications: You must sign the agreement-for-use statement that the kit will be used for only research purposes. Students must have the agreement cosigned by the faculty member supervising their work.

 Licensing Agreements

  • Cost:
    • For graduate students, the licensing royalty fee is 15 cents per copy, with a minimum charge of $40.
    • For other researchers, the licensing royalty fee is 30 cents per copy, with a minimum charge of $55.
  • Qualifications: All who request licensing agreements are asked to provide
    • information about the test(s) to be used
    • the number of copies to be made
    • a brief description of the proposed research.

An agreement-for-use statement must also be signed. Students seeking licensing agreements should have the faculty member supervising their research cosign the agreement-for-use statement.

More Information

Information about the development of the 1976 edition of the kit can be found in: Ekstrom, R. B., French, J. W., & Harman, H. H. (1979). Cognitive factors: Their identification and replication. Multivariate Behavioral Research Monographs, 79(2),  3–84.