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Validating TOEIC Bridge Scores Against Teacher Ratings for Vocational Students in China

Powers, Donald E.; Mercadante, Regina; Yan, Fred
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Powers, Donald E. (ed.) The Research Foundation for the TOEIC Tests: A Compendium of Studies: Volume II. Princeton, NJ: Educational Testing Service, Sep 2013, p4.1-4.11
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China English as a Foreign Language (EFL) English as a Second Language (ESL) English Language Assessment (ELA) English Language Proficiency English Language Skills Listening Skills Reading Skills Teacher Ratings Test Scores Test Validation Test-Taker Performance TOEIC Bridge Test Vocational Students


SUMMARY: This study compared TOEIC Bridge scores with teachers' assessments of test takers' abilities to perform everyday language tasks in English. The authors reported moderate correlations between these assessments and test scores, which provide supporting evidence of the validity of TOEIC Bridge test scores as indicators of English-language proficiency.

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