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Monitoring Individual Rater Performance for the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests

Qu, Yanxuan; Ricker-Pedley, Kathryn L.
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Powers, Donald E. (ed.) The Research Foundation for the TOEIC Tests: A Compendium of Studies: Volume II. Princeton, NJ: Educational Testing Service, Sep 2013, p9.1-9.9
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English as a Foreign Language (EFL) English as a Second Language (ESL) English Language Assessment (ELA) English Language Proficiency English Language Skills Rater Performance Speaking Skills Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Test Scoring Writing Skills


SUMMARY: This paper describes procedures implemented on the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests for monitoring individual rater performance and enhancing overall scoring quality. These multifaceted, carefully developed procedures help ensure that the potential for human error is kept to a minimum, thereby contributing to the TOEIC tests' scoring consistency and reliability.

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