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MAP: Multimodal Assessment Platform for Interactive Communication Competency

Khan, Saad; Suendermann-Oeft, David; Evanini, Keelan; Williamson, David M.; Paris, Scott G.; Qian, Yao; Huang, Yuchi; Bosch, Phillip; D'Mello, Sidney; Loukina, Anastassia; Davis, Lawrence
Publication Year:
Shehata, Shady; Tan, Jennifer Pei-Ling (eds.) Practitioner Track Proceedings of the 7th International Learning & Knowledge Conference (LAK17). Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, March 13-17, 2017. Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR), 2017, p6-12
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Subject/Key Words:
Biometrics Engagement English Language Learning and Assessment (ELLA) Interactive Communication Assessment Language Usage Learning Systems Multimodal Analytics Multimodal Assessment Platform (MAP) Nonverbal Communication Speech Communication Speech Recognition Verbal Communication

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