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A Bayesian/IRT Index of Objective Performance for Tests with Mixed Item Types

Yen, Wendy M.; Sykes, Robert C.; Ito, Kyoko; Julian, Marc
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Annual Meeting of the National Council on Measurement in Education, Mar 1997
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Achievement Tests Bayesian Methods Item Response Theory (IRT) Objective Performance Index (OPI) Objective Score Score Reports Selected Responses Standard Error


The purpose of this paper is to develop an objective score that will be sufficiently accurate to be useful to teachers when objectives and tests contain one or more item type. An important second goal is to establish the standard error of this objective score. The standard error is intended to produce a realistic estimate of the accuracy of scores for objectives from tests that vary in their proportions of selected response and constructed response items. The procedure for obtaining these objective scores is developed by generalizing a procedure that has been successfully used to produce more stable scores for objectives in exclusively s.r. examinations (Yen, 1987). Reproduced with permission of CTB/McGraw-Hill LLC. Copyright © 1987 by CTB/McGraw-Hill LLC. All right reserved.

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