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Machine-Interpretable Figural Response Testing (Expired)

Ferris, John J.; Kraft, William D.; Manning, Winton H.; Martinez, Michael E.
Patent Issued:
Apr 30, 1991
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Expired Patent, Automated Scoring, Figural Response Testing, Test Scoring, Optical Scanning, Machine Scoring


This invention provides automatic testing systems and methods for testing for figural responses to a test inquiry. The testing system includes a test sheet of predetermined dimensions having a grid with a plurality of marking areas arranged in predetermined position and a figural arrangement having a first optical reflectivity arranged within the grid corresponding to one or more of the marking areas. The system includes indicia of a second optical reflectivity overmarking a selected number of the marking areas associated with the figural arrangement and optical scanning means having different optical sensitivities to the first and second optical reflectivities for scanning the sheet to determine the positions of the overmarked areas. The method of testing of this invention includes storing the position of at least one of the marking areas corresponding to a specified figural response to the test inquiry and instructing the test taker to make a figural response to the test inquiry by marking within the grid with indicia of a second optical reflectivity. This method of testing further includes optically scanning the test sheet to determine the positions of the marks made by the test taker and generating data representative of the marked positions, and then comparing the determined positions with stored positions in generating a numerical indication of the comparison of the test takers response to the specified stored response.

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