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Computerized Figural Response Testing System and Method (Expired)

Martinez, Michael E.; Jenkins, Jeffrey B.
Patent Issued:
May 18, 1993
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Expired Patent, Test Administration, Test Delivery, Interactive Assessment, Figural Response Testing, Computer-Based Testing (CBT), Online Scoring, Test Scoring


A method and system for interactive test taking is provided, having a computer with memory, an image display screen, and a pointing device such as a mouse for examinee manipulation of symbols or objects on the screen. Starting figural material is presented on the screen along with a problem statement requiring responses relative to the starting figural material. The examinee inputs response data through the mouse, manipulating and/or generating symbols on the screen in relation to the starting figural material. Scoring of the examinee's responses is done on-line or after completion of all tasks, and may include an evaluation of the sequence of examinee responses to respective items, as well as an evaluation of the duration of the examinee's response or any component of such response to an item.

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