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On-Line Essay Evaluation System (Expired)

Driscoll, Gary F.; Hatfield, Lou; Johnson, Arlene; Kahn, Helen D.; Kessler, Theodore; Kuntz, David; Pocino, Cheryl A.; Rosenthal, Michele; Williams, Patricia G.
Patent Issued:
Nov 16, 1999
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Expired Patent, Distributed Scoring, Responses, Essay Evaluation, Scoring Rubrics, Feedback, Compensation


Systems and methods for on-line essay evaluation offer students the opportunity to prepare practice essays, submit the essays to trained, expert readers, and retrieve an evaluation at the student's convenience. The system provides the capability for a user or test taker to submit essays at any time during the year, independent of the timing of an actual testing event, and to receive prompt, consistent evaluations of the submitted essays. Further, the system provides the capability to prioritize essays and schedule readers so that essays can be evaluated on a rush basis. The essays are evaluated in a manner that provides useful instructional feedback to students about their skills relative to any assessment or test that the student wishes to take.

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