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Computerized Method and System for Teaching Prose, Document and Quantitative Literacy (Expired)

Kirsch, Irwin S.; Mosenthal, Peter B.; Lennon, Mary Louise; Young, Saundra K.; Pisacreta, Debra; Florek, Thomas P.; Jaspan, Sharon Z.; Jenkins, Jeffrey B.; Lesh, Richard; Cohen, Wendy
Patent Issued:
Apr 13, 1999
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Expired Patent, Computer-Based Learning, Printed Materials, PDQ Profile Series, Teaching and Instructing Students, Literacy Skills


A multimedia computerized literacy system providing for and enhancing the teaching of Literacy Skills to enable people to function more effectively in schools, society, and the workplace. The design of the system is based on the identification and understanding of the structures, contents, and strategies which underlie prose, document, and quantitative literacy. In particular, the system's design is based, in part, on the Knowledge Model Procedure, which builds upon a unique taxonomy of document structures, contents, and strategies in a way that facilitates the transfer of Literacy Skills across the wide array of document types, as well as across quantitative and prose Literacy Skills. In accordance with the Knowledge Model Procedure, the computerized literacy system, through a series of structure and use lessons, provides students with the skills to perform document, prose, and quantitative tasks of increasing complexity. The system uses specially designed exercise and practice tasks to enhance students' abilities to perform literacy tasks commonly required of adolescents and adults in modern society.

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